EDMONDS FERRY SCHEDULE 2024 | Timings & Fares

The Edmonds Ferry, operated by Washington State Department of Transportation ( WSDOT ), provides year-round ferry service between Edmonds and Kingston Ferry Dock at the downtown Kingston Ferry Terminal.

Ferry from Edmonds

Edmonds to Kingston Ferry Schedule [Weekday & Weekend] 

Depart Edmonds.Arrive Kingston.
5:35 AM *1Location6:05 AMLocation
6:15 AM *2Location6:45 AMLocation
7:10 AMLocation7:40 AMLocation
7:55 AMLocation8:25 AMLocation
8:50 AMLocation9:20 AMLocation
9:35 AMLocation10:05 AMLocation
10:20 AMLocation10:40 AMLocation
11:05 AMLocation11:35 AMLocation
11:55 AMLocation12:25 PMLocation
12:40 PMLocation1:20 PMLocation
1:35 PMLocation2:05 PMLocation
2:25 PMLocation2:55 PMLocation
3:15 PMLocation3:45 PMLocation
3:55 PMLocation4:25 PMLocation
4:45 PMLocation5:15 PMLocation
5:25 PMLocation5:55 PMLocation
6:15 PMLocation6:45 PMLocation
7:00 PMLocation7:30 PMLocation
7:40 PMLocation8:10 PMLocation
8:30 PMLocation9:00 PMLocation
9:05 PMLocation9:35 PMLocation
9:50 PM *3Location10:20 PMLocation
10:25 PMLocation10:55 PMLocation
11:10 PMLocation11:40 PM *4Location
11:45 PMLocation12:15 AMLocation

*1 Not on Sundays. *2 Not on Sundays, except holidays. *3 Only Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. *4 Fridays and Sundays only.

Ferry from Kingston (Ferry Building)

Kingston to Edmonds Ferry Schedule [Weekday & Weekend]

Depart Kingston.Arrive Edmonds.
4:45 AM *1Location5:15 AMLocation
5:30 AM *2Location6:30 AMLocation
6:25 AMLocation6:55 AMLocation
7:00 AMLocation7:30 AMLocation
7:55 AMLocation8:25 AMLocation
8:40 AMLocation9:10 AMLocation
9:35 AMLocation10:05 AMLocation
10:20 AMLocation10:50 AMLocation
11:05 AMLocation11:35 AMLocation
11:55 AMLocation12:25 PMLocation
12:45 PMLocation13:15 PMLocation
1:30 PMLocation2:00 PMLocation
2:30 PMLocation3:00 PMLocation
3:10 PMLocation3:40 PMLocation
4:00 PMLocation4:30 PMLocation
4:40 PMLocation5:10 PMLocation
5:30 PMLocation6:00 PMLocation
6:10 PMLocation6:40 PMLocation
7:00 PMLocation7:30 PMLocation
7:45 PMLocation8:15 PMLocation
8:20 PMLocation8:50 PMLocation
9:10 PM *3Location9:40 PMLocation
9:40 PMLocation10:10 PMLocation
10:30 PM *4Location11:00 PMLocation
11:10 PMLocation11:40 PMLocation

*1 Not on Sundays. *2 Not on Sundays, except holidays. *3 Only Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. *4 Fridays and Sundays only.

Getting To The Edmonds Ferry

The Edmonds Ferry is a vital transportation link in Washington State, connecting the charming town of Edmonds to the scenic destination of Kingston on the Kitsap Peninsula.
Operated by Washington State Ferries, the ferry offers frequent daily sailings, providing a convenient and enjoyable way for passengers and vehicles to traverse the Puget Sound.
In addition to its practical function, the Edmonds Ferry is known for offering picturesque views of the surrounding landscape, making it a popular choice for both tourists and locals alike. With various transportation options available to access the terminal, the Edmonds Ferry ensures a smooth and memorable journey.

Check the Edmonds and Kingston Ferry Schedules Before You Leave

Before heading to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal, make sure to check the latest Kingston ferry schedule to plan your trip efficiently. Timely checking of the Edmonds ferry schedule can also help you avoid unexpected delays.

By Car:

From your starting point, set your GPS to 199 Sunset Avenue, Edmonds, WA 98020, the address of the Edmonds Ferry Terminal. Follow the GPS directions and look for signs guiding you to the terminal’s parking lot upon arrival. Choose between short-term and long-term parking options based on your needs.

By Public Transportation:

Bus: Use lines 116, 130, 196 or 416.

Metro: Use the King County Metro Transit website or a transit app to plan your trip to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal. Locate the nearest bus stop, confirm the bus number and schedule, and board the appropriate bus. Exit the bus at the Edmonds Ferry Terminal stop and follow the signs to the entrance.

By Bike:

Plan your bike route to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal using a map or GPS. When you arrive, look for bike racks or designated bike parking areas near the terminal entrance. Secure your bike and proceed to the terminal.


If you’re nearby, walking to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal can be a pleasant experience. Use a map, GPS, or a mapping app to plan your walking route. Follow pedestrian signs and sidewalks as you make your way to the terminal, ensuring your safety and comfort.

From the SeaTac Airport

The closest airport to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). To get to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal using public transportation, follow these steps:

  1. Light Rail: From the airport, take the Link Light Rail towards the University of Washington Station. Exit at the Westlake Station in downtown Seattle.

  2. Transfer to Bus: From Westlake Station, walk to the nearby bus stop at 3rd Ave & Pine St. Look for Community Transit Route 512 or Sound Transit Route 522, both of which will take you to the Lynnwood Transit Center.

  3. Final Bus to Edmonds Ferry Terminal: Once you arrive at the Lynnwood Transit Center, transfer to Community Transit Route 130. This bus will take you directly to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal.

Please note that schedules and routes may change over time. Always check the latest public transit information through the King County Metro Transit and Community Transit websites or use a transit app to plan your trip.

Latest Updates on Edmonds to Kingston Ferry Schedule

Stay informed with the latest updates on the Edmonds to Kingston ferry schedule. Whether it’s service disruptions due to weather or special holiday timetables, we ensure you have the most current information to plan your journey effectively.

What people ask?

It takes approximately 30 minutes to travel between Edmonds and Kingston, to any of the 2 existing stations.

The ferry drops off passengers at the Kingston Ferry dock landing, which is located just steps away from Kingston terminal.
Click here for directions.

To obtain information regarding ticketing and fares, kindly refer to our page titled “Edmonds – Kingston Ferry Tickets“.