Edmonds Ferry Tickets & Fare Information

Edmonds Ferry Prices/Fares

The following Edmonds to Kingston Ferry prices/fares are in effect.

Prices are for one-way only, so if you are traveling round-trip, you will need to review prices.

Adult (age 19 - 64)$9.45
Senior (age 65 & over) / Disability$4.70
Youth (age 18 and under)No Charge
Multi-Ride Commuter Card 10 Ride$76.60
WSF Monthly Pass 31 Ride$122.60
Bicycle Surcharge Only (19 and over)$1.00
Vehicle, Motorcycle, and Stowage FaresPrice
Vehicle Under 14' (less than 168”) & Driver$13.55
Vehicle Under 22' (standard veh) & Driver$17.20
Vehicle U14' (less than 168") & Sr/Disability Driver$11.15
Vehicle U22' (standard veh) & Sr/Disability Driver$14.80
Multi-Ride Commuter Card - Vehicle U14' & Driver 20 Ride$218.80
Multi-Ride Commuter Card - Vehicle U22' & Driver 20 Ride$277.20
Motorcycle & Driver$7.45
Motorcycle & Senior/Disability Driver$5.05
Multi-Ride Commuter Card - Motorcycle & Driver 20 Ride$121.20
Vehicle Length-BasedPrice
Vehicle Under 30' Under 7'2 in.$25.55
Vehicle Under 30' Over 7'2 in.$50.60
Vehicle Under 40'$67.30
Vehicle Under 50'$84.00
Vehicle Under 60'$100.70
Vehicle Under 70'$117.40
Vehicle Under 80'$134.10
Cost per foot over 80'$1.65
  • Vehicle Tickets are required departing from both Edmonds and Kingston
  • Passenger Tickets are only required when departing from Edmonds
  • Your ticket does not guarantee any space on a specific sailing.


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To ensure a hassle-free journey on the Edmonds to Kingston route, familiarising yourself with the various ticket options and associated fares is essential. Whether you’re traveling as a foot passenger or with a vehicle, understanding the cost implications for both one-way and round-trip fares can help you budget effectively. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, visit our ticket offices or check our website. We offer a range of ticketing solutions designed to meet the needs of all our passengers, ensuring a comfortable and cost-effective travel experience.

How to purchase Edmonds Ferry tickets

Edmonds Ferry tickets can be purchased via the following methods.

  • Edmonds Ferry tickets are available to purchase at the Edmonds Ferry Terminal ticket office, 99 Sunset Ave S, Edmonds, WA. Also available in Kingston Terminal ticket office, 11264 WA-104, Kingston, WA.
  • WSDOT: WSDOT, a mobile ticketing app for iOS and Android, allows you to purchase your Edmonds Ferry tickets and passes via your mobile phone. Currently, you can purchase one-way tickets for all ferry routes. Monthly passes are currently not available through the WSDOP app.