A Day in Edmonds Downtown: Rediscovering Local Charm

The Vibrant Essence of Edmonds Downtown

Edmonds Downtown, situated just a short 30-minute drive north of Seattle, captivated my senses always when I walk through it. I was there again few days back having some time with friends. With the backdrop of the majestic Olympic Mountains and the serene Puget Sound, this waterfront town is an emblem of Washington’s natural beauty. Most notably, the heart of Edmonds Washington – its downtown – stands out for its charismatic streets and art-infused ambiance.

Walking Through Memory Lane


Edmonds Theater Front Pic

My stroll through Edmonds Seattle was nothing short of picturesque. The downtown area, known for its walkability, made it effortless to explore the bustling streets and avenues. Each corner had a story to tell, from the iconic fountain at the corner of Main Street and Fifth Avenue to the myriad of cafes, galleries, and boutiques that line the streets. Other place that I love and is not so famous is the historic Edmonds Theater, an Art Deco masterpiece from 1923, a true testament to the city’s rich history.

Discovering the City’s Best

Recently, my friends and I embarked on a journey through the heart of the city. The picnic tables and perfectly placed umbrellas added charm to our experience. Here are some of our top picks:


Vinbero was an intimate delight. While seated on their cozy deck, the flight of orange wines made for a magical moment.

Fire & The Feast

We started our morning at Fire & The Feast. The striped umbrellas and their Cast Iron Chocolate Dutch Baby were highlights, especially for the kids who loved the Charcuterie.

Maize & Barley

Maize&Barley Logo

The eclectic mix of Caribbean dishes and intriguing drinks at Maize & Barley was a gastronomic joy. Their high-top tables added to the ambiance.


A hotspot we discovered was Kelnero. Arriving early gave us the best view of Main Street Commons. Staying for a while became a unanimous decision.

The Red Twig Bakery and Cafe

The iconic red umbrellas at The Red Twig Bakery and Cafe caught our eyes. The newly renovated patio and tantalizing specials are worth checking out.

ChurchKey Pub

At the end of our adventure, we stumbled upon ChurchKey Pub. Their hidden gem of a back patio was refreshing. A heads up: one Bavarian Pretzel won’t suffice.


Summer at the Market is a treat. The lobster rolls glistening in the sun’s warmth were a culinary highlight.

Girardi’s Osteria

Girardi Entrance

For an upscale evening, we chose Girardi’s Osteria. Their serene water element sets it apart, making reservations highly recommended.

The Loft Lounge

For wine lovers, The Loft Lounge is a must-visit. With comfy patios and a selection of local wines, it’s the perfect unwind spot. The sunset views? Simply breathtaking.

The Rusty Pelican

Our Saturday was well-spent at The Rusty Pelican. The tables provided a full view of the vibrant Edmonds Summer Market. Their all-day breakfast is irresistible.


Our tropical cravings were met at Barkada. Their fusion of Filipinx and Hawaiian dishes paired with those refreshing slushies created memorable moments.


We concluded our exploration at Leftcraft. Its modern flair and bustling Main street views offered a lively atmosphere while dining outdoors.

Summer Delights and Local Festivities

Edmonds Food Market

The aura of downtown Edmonds shops radiated warmth, and the summer festivities were in full swing. Main Street, from 6th Avenue to 3rd Avenue, was bustling with life. Pedestrians meandered, enjoying the expanded walkways and the Summer Market offerings ranging from organic potatoes of Frog Song Farm to the locally grown berries. The energy was palpable, further amplified by the weekly retail raffles, with coveted prizes like the custom-designed Lovin’ Summer t-shirt. The Market Edmonds seemed to be a favorite spot, with its fresh fish delights and heated outdoor seating area.

Discovering Delicacies and Unique Experiences

  • Rick Steves Edmonds recommendation led me to the Hazel Miller Plaza where I relished Mexican treats at Las Brisas and indulged in coffee from Gelato Caffé.
  • A short walk away was the Starbucks downtown Edmonds, offering its signature brews and a space to relax.
  • Main Street Nails Edmonds provided a quick pampering session, prepping me for the evening ahead.
  • The aromatic allure of The Papery Edmonds was too tempting to resist, where I found unique stationery and gifts.

Parking and Convenience

One might think that such a vibrant area would pose parking challenges. To my pleasant surprise, Edmonds downtown has effortlessly catered to this. From free 3-hour street parking around the core to several after-hours options, everything is thoughtfully designed. Whether it’s the Public Safety Complex on 5th Ave N and Bell St or the Waterfront Center on Railroad Ave, visitors are spoiled for choices. EV charging stations, like the one at Edmonds Police Station, further showcased the city’s forward-thinking approach. If you prefer to travel by boat, you can arrive or leave from Kingston vía ferry, you can check schedule updated to see when is next ferry here.

Why I love it…

Edmonds downtown, with its magnetic charm, bustling streets, historic landmarks, and diverse culinary offerings, promises a unique experience. A blend of modernity and tradition, this city’s soul is best explored on foot, immersing oneself in its rich tapestry of culture, art, and nature.

PD: I found a nice first person video about downtown that maybe interesting for people that is planning a visit, enjoy !